I love technology. I am a computer programmer, webmaster, graphic artist, TV and radio personality and drone pilot. I was also a helicopter pilot and my helicopter was my hawk. E- HAWK Vehicles was inspired by the sense of freedom that flying a helicopter brings, with and I added E for electricity!

Over the years, E HAWK has made strategic global partners and in February 2024 we will be heading to Kenya!

We are very excited about our roll out in Kenya as we believe that EHAWK Electric Vehicle Llc USA will have a positive impact by providing a safe, affordable and reliable transportation option. Reliable transportation opens the doors to many enterprises: business, trade, and most importantly, education.
In addition to opening stores, our team strives to create facilities that will provide an education about electricity and engineering and hope to host job fairs on site.

We have been so encouraged by the warm and big hearted welcome we have received and are looking forward to building lasting friendships as well as business.